Scooby & Shaggy Couples Costume

Yikes, Scoobs!
Rock up to the cartoon or 1970s themed party dressed as these two mystery solvers and supernatural chasers in the Scooby & Shaggy Couples Costume. Scooby Doo was a staple of everyone's childhoods, so roam around the party dressed as the talking Great Dane and munch on a few Scooby Snacks! Or become the slightly wimpy and scruffy Shaggy, and jump into your Scooby's arms at any given moment, there isn't a more iconic duo!

Size Guide
  • It's time to announce your arrival as Scooby Dooby Dooooo! Get down in search of crimes and scooby snacks in everyone's favourite cartoon dog costume. Great for trips out with your gang in the Mystery Machine or even for 70s themed parties and festivals. Scooby never goes out of style!

    Materials: Polyester & PVC

    Colour: Brown

    Included: Tunic with dog tag and tail, Mask, Soda can holder

  • So you've rounded up your detective team for the night: Scooby Doo, Velma, Fred and Daphne and are ready to solve some cartoon mysteries. But this posse isn't complete until there is Shaggy, so get the Shaggy Costume now and start investigating the party scene! Zoinks!Sizes for this costume are:

    One Size Chest size to 44"
    Waist 32" to 38"
    Inside Leg to 31"

    Materials: 100% Polyster

    Licence: Hanna-Barbera

    Colour: Green, Brown

    Included: T-Shirt, Trousers, Wig, Beard

    Not Included: Shoes