Kids Native American Couples Costume

Dress your two little ones up ready for that Western fancy dress party with the Kids Native American Couples Costume. These fringed numbers are classic of those indigenous tribes, so whip them on your little ones along with some colourful, tribal make up and they'll look like they've just jumped out of an old spaghetti western! Prepare them with a bow and arrow so they can have fun roaming around and chasing the cowboys and cowgirls at the next party! It's also a great way to teach American history!

Size Guide
  • Shoot your bow and arrows and run around the campfire playing cowboys and indians in this Kids Indian Big Bear Costume. This outfit is perfect for wild west fancy dress parties, as well as Native American days at school or as a World Book Day costume. Anyone remember the amazing Indian in the Cupboard book series, featuring the character Little Bear, by Lynne Reid Banks? We can recommend if you haven't!

    Colour: Brown

    Included: Headband, tunic and trousers

  • Our Indian Squaw Eagle costume is based on the traditional Native American outfits of younger girls. Includes two leg guards, tan dress, belt and headband.

    Colour: Brown

    Included: Headband, dress, belt and leg guards