Doctor & Nurse Couples Costume

Get the stethoscope at the ready, our Doctor & Nurse Couples Costume will have patients lining up to see you all night long!

This low-cost pair of costumes are very easy to wear and don’t require a great deal of effort to look fantastic. Perfectly suited to Halloween or any events that need a little bit of medical style. The simplicity of these costumes allows them to be easily transformed into slightly scarier versions. Just grab some fake blood and a pretend weapon of choice and you’re set to scare the night away as an Evil Doctor or Psycho Nurse! Who said Halloween had to be complicated?

Size Guide
  • Going to a fancy dress party doesn't mean that you can't look cute! Check out this fun and practical Nurse outfit with essential little apron and pastel blue dress. Have party goer patients galore lining up around the block for your to check their vital statistics! Add a splash of blood, a giant syringe and fake cuts for a horror Halloween look!

    Materials: 100% Polyester

    Colour: Blue, White

    Included: Dress, Apron, Hat

    Not Included: Tights & Shoes

  • Treat that party feeling with this Classic Doctors Coat Costume and discover that laughter truly is the best medicine! Strut your stuff in this unisex doctors coat which also includes a mask!

    Materials: 100% Polyester

    Colour: White

    Included: Coat

    Not Included: Stethoscope, Board, Scrubs