Joker & Harley Couples Costume

Cause maniacal mayhem at an upcoming movie themed party or Halloween with our Joker & Harley Couples Costume!

This pair are globally recognised as being perhaps the craziest villains of all time. These versions of the duo are fully licensed and taken from the recent Suicide Squad movie. The Joker Costume comes with a green wig, skin tone tattoo shirt and specially selected makeup. Harley Quinn comes with the red and blue jacket with attached top, shorts, tight and belt. Just about everything you need to get a little insane this Halloween!

Size Guide
  • Big on your comic books or going to a super-villain fancy dress party? Whatever the reason, turn up with The Joker, avoid Batman all night and challenge Robin to a war of words - because this girl is one you don't want to upset! She's mean, she's bad and we have the officially licensed Harley Quinn Costume by DC Comics to show her off in all her evil glory! In a bit of a rush for Comic Con? This movie fancy dress costume is perfect for a last minute Suicide Squad getup. You can even turn up to the Halloween party in this outfit, it's a classic!

    Looking to go as a pair? Team up with the Joker for a villainous couples costume, just Click here.

    Colour: Blue, Red, White

    Included: Jacket With Attached Top, Shorts, Tights, Belt

    Not Included: Wig

  • Did you catch the Suicide Squad movie? Get into character of The Joker portrayed by Jared Leto! The costume features a printed t-shirt, green wig and makeup kit. Grab your Harley Quinn and you'll be the evilest duo around!

    Colour: White, Green

    Included: Shirt, Wig, Make Up