1920s Gangster Couples Costume

Stroll up to the party with a swagger like Bugsy Malone with our 1920s Gangster Couples Costume!

Featuring the classic grey pinstripe Gangster Costume for gentlemen, and a crimson red Flapper Dress for the ladies, this pair are ready for a night of sophistication and swagger. Grab yourselves a fake cigar and giant cigarette holder to puff on as you slowly sip your drink of choice (on the rocks of course!) Both of these outfits are easy to wear and look even better when worn side by side! For a fun twist at Halloween, grab some of our fake blood and a weapon of choice (ideally a Tommy Gun) to turn this pair into a murderous duo, on the hunt for anyone that double crossed them!

Size Guide
  • Get your dancing shoes at the ready, as the Adult 1920s Red Flapper Costume will have you shimmying and swishing! This costume will give you that extra movement when shaking your hips so just team up with your flapper babes or nab yourself a handsome gangster and party into the night!

    Materials: 100% Polyester

    Colour: Red

    Included: Dress, Headband

    Not Included: Gloves, Beads

  • These elegant long black gloves are made from Jersey fabric with a nice sheen. They are a one size item designed to fit most adults. Fabrics are 100% polyester.

    Materials: Polyester

    Colour: Black

  • It's time to harness your inner Bugsy Malone as you walk with your posse up to the gangster and molls fancy dress party! Put on that hat, polish your shoes, nail the accent and get ready to be the that guy not to mess with in the Gangster Costume!

    Materials: 87% Polyester & 13% Cotton

    Colour: Grey

    Included: Jacket, Dickie, Shirt

    Not Included: Hat, Gun, Shoes

  • Every mob needs their weapons for fancy dress and every gangster needs his trusted trigger. Make it a safe and comical choice with the mean yet playful looking Inflatable Gun and shoot into character straight away as you take aim for that dress up party!

    Materials: Plastic

    Colour: Black, White

    Included: Gun