Saw Puppets Couples Costume

“I want to play a game…” This Halloween, you can become the puppet master with our creepy Saw Puppets Couples Costume!

These fully licensed outfits are inspired by Billy The Puppet, the globally recognised mascot from the Saw movie franchise. He’s overwhelmingly sinister and acts as a visual tool that allows Jigsaw to communicate with his victims, often via an old school television or eerie recordings. Become one of horror’s spookiest faces with our costumes made for men and women!

Size Guide
  • Are you a horror film fan? Love all of the classics and the gorier the better? Get all bone chillingly, cunning and conniving when you wear the infamous and officially licensed Jigsaw Puppet Costume from 2004 Saw Productions, and see if anyone can escape your maze of deception! This Halloween, rock up on your tricycle as Billy the puppet in this scary costume, get ready to party with your victims!


    - The iconic Jigsaw Puppet mask and hair
    - A black suit jacket with an attached red pocket-handkerchief
    - Mock waistcoat with attached shirt and red dickie bow tie.

    Please note, the trousers are not included with this costume.

    Materials: Polyester & Latex

    Licence: 2004 Saw Productions

    Colour: Black, White, Red

    Included: Mask, Jacket, Shirt, Bow tie

  • Do you have enough survival instinct to pull off our Ladies Saw Jigsaw Halloween Costume? If so, this is the costume for you. Bring Jigsaw to life this Halloween and put your friends through tests of survival to see who is worth their metal. Add some fake blood and you'll be terrifying every living thing. Product includes black jacket, black skirt, white shirt, red bow tie, white gloves and make up. The full shebang!

    Materials: 100% Polyester

    Colour: Red, White, Black

    Included: Jacket, Shirt, Skirt, Bow Tie, Gloves, Make Up