Voodoo Masters Couples Costume

Brush up on your spells and cause chaos across the land with our Voodoo Masters Couples Costume!

This spiritual pair features our Voodoo Man and Voodoo Magic costumes. When placed together, these two become a formidable duo, ready to enchant and overthrow anything in their way! Dressed in predominantly black, they sneak through the shadows waiting for the right moment to emerge and show the world they aren’t to be messed with. Both costumes are comfortable and easy to wear, and above all else – creepy!

Size Guide
  • Practice your voodoo spells, surround yourself with potion, shrunken heads and rag dolls. This Halloween, get maximum scares out of all the partygoers as you walk around as if you're the king of black magic.

    The Voodoo Man costume is a size medium and fits up to a 40" Chest.


    - Long black velveteen coat with a satin collar
    - A gory shrunken head on a stick
    - A witchdoctor necklace with five 3D skulls on
    - A latex skull mask with attached top hat and synthetic hair

    Please note, the skeleton gloves are not sold with this costume but are available separately.


    Chest: Up To 40"
    Waist: Up To 34"

    Materials: 100% Polyester

    Colour: Black, White

    Included: Jacket, Hat, Mask, Attached Wig, Necklace, Prop Stick

    Not Included: Gloves, T-shirt

  • Cast your Voodoo Magic on your unsuspecting party guests this Halloween... The Witch Doctor will see you now! This unique outfit is a dark arts twist on the traditional Halloween ensemble. Celebrate magic in all of it's dark and twisted glory, whilst looking super cool and unique!

    Colour: Black

    Included: Vest, Jacket, Belt, 2 Waist Sash Ties, Monkey Hand Necklace, Top Hat and Ties

    Not Included: Leggings, Bracelets, Snake, Boots