Dark Worshipper Couples Costume

On the hunt for a truly scary set of costumes for two this Halloween? Our Dark Worshipper Couples Costume is just what you need!

Black Mass is the real deal. He takes inspiration from The Pope, but completely inverts the Pope’s white gown and hat and turns them into a sinister combination of black and red. Combined with his evil skull face and pointed black hat, Black Mass is ready to terrify all year round. Pair up his evil dark aurora with our ghostly white Scary Mary costume and you’ve got a couples costume set to terrify. She’s a sinister looking Nun dressed in white from head to toe. She menacingly floats around, looking for victims to join her undead cult. Add some white face makeup with black eyes and red eye accessories, and you’ve got one of the creepiest Halloween costumes of all time!

Size Guide
  • Make the party goers tremble at their pews as your striking Black Mass costume sends fear through their bones. Make candles flicker, turn water to blood and preach your evil spirits upon guests this Halloween. Costume includes robe, poncho, skull mask and hat.

    Colour: Black, Red

    Included: Robe, Poncho, Hat, Mask

    Not Included: Candelabra, Gloves

  • Silently stalk your guests in this horrifying Scary Mary Halloween costume! Bring the deathly spirit and joy to the party whilst inducing nightmares. Add some white face paint and white out eye accessories for the ultimate demonic and ghostly look. Why not whip a screamer knife from under your gown, or squirt yourself with lashings of fake blood?

    Chest: up to 44", Waist up to 42", Length up to 56".

    Colour: White

    Included: Gown, 2 Piece Habit, Collar, Gloves