Grim Reapers Couples Costume

Become the globally feared symbol of death this Halloween with our Grim Reapers Couples Costume!

Throughout history, the Grim Reaper has been a figure that symbolises death and darkness. They say, when your time on this planet is up, you might be introduced to the Reaper as he accompanies you into the afterlife… Pretty creepy right? But that’s what Halloween is all about! Our Lady Reaper Costume is easy to wear, sexy, and above all else damn right spooky! When stood side by side with our classic Mens Grim Reaper Costume, you’ve got a pair ready to truly get into the spirit of the darkness.

Size Guide
  • People often talk about the Grim Reaper but they fail to mention his mistress. Arrive at the get together dressed as Lady Grim Reaper, in her strangely alluring attire. Her deathly presence causes horror to all who sees her! Be that lady as you enter the Halloween party with your hood up and your striking costume on display, death has never looked so good! Accessorise your spooky costume with a long flowing grey wig, black lipstick and a large scythe.

    Materials: 100% Polyester

    Colour: Black, White

    Included: Dress, Cape, Chain, Glovelettes

    Not Included: Scythe

  • Because Halloween isn't grim enough without the Grim Reaper! Go all out in this creepy costume creation. Cause unease in any room by lingering in the corner and be sure to master a deathly laugh to suit your ghoulish attire! Halloween never looked better, turn up to the party and point your scythe at all your victims.

    This costume is also available in Plus size.

    Materials: Polyester

    Colour: Black, Grey

    Included: Robe, Mask

    Not Included: Scythe, Gloves, Shoes

  • Halloween calls for a head turning costume and it also calls for ghoulish and deathly weapons and accessories! If you are planning on gracing the party with your cold blooded presence as the Grim Reaper, then you must get the iconic Grim Reaper Scythe - perfect for threatening, chasing and intimidating party goers!

    This accessory is not suitable for children under 3 years old. Children's play should always be supervised by an adult in order to prevent misuse.

    Materials: Plastic

    Colour: Black, Silver

  • Sometimes looking striking isn't about your clothing, accessories or's all about your eyes. Make yours more than just the window to your soul with these Fashion Lenses - Blind Eye and enjoy the staring they will instigate. Perfect for Halloween parties, they really send off a creepy vibe!

    The package contains:
    x2 Fashion Lenses
    Bottle of lens cleaning solution
    Lens storage case

    Fashion Lenses can be stored and reused up to the expiry date shown on the packaging.

    These are not suitable for anyone under the age of 16. People with eye conditions should not wear these lenses. Please consult an optician or eye health specialist if you are unsure on whether these are suitable for you to wear. These lenses are best worn in one eye only as they can reduce your vision to up to 80%.

    Colour: White