Red Riding Hood Couples Costume

Bring the classic fairy-tale to life this Halloween with our Little Red & Big Bad Wolf Couples Costume!

Our Red Riding Hood Hunter Costume is a dark spin on the traditionally bright outfit. The crimson shade of red creates a real sense of danger and depth. It’s powerful, striking and sexy. Combine this with our Full Mood Madness variation of the Big Bad Wolf and you’ve got a couples costume set that’s not to be messed with. The modernised version of the wolf accompanies our Red Riding Hood Hunter Costume brilliantly. Just grab some of our fake blood to give the outfits a murderous spin and you’ve got Halloween fully covered!

Size Guide
  • It's always fun to mix up tradition and make something cute and innocent, dark and mysterious at Halloween! That's exactly the look we are going for with the intriguing and strangely sexy Dark Red Riding Hood where this time it will be the wolf who will be chased!

    Materials: Polyester

    Colour: Red, Black

    Included: Dress, Corset, Cape, Basket Cloth

    Not Included: Basket, Gloves, Boots

  • Whether there is going to be a full moon this Halloween or not, we've got the perfect teeth baring, soul stealing, heart stopping outfit for you to appear in out of the shadows! Bear the Full Moon Madness costume and its special ani-motion mask which moves by itself, and howl to your hearts content!

    Materials: Polyester & Acrylic

    Colour: Grey

    Included: Shirt, Mask, Fur Pieces

    Not Included: Trousers