Voorhees Couples Costume

Take a trip back to Camp Crystal Lake this Halloween with our legendary Mr & Mrs Voorhees Couples Costume!

Jason Voorhees is one of horror’s most recognisable characters. He’s been referenced in just about every form of pop culture across the globe. Movies, TV, music, books, even cartoons. There’s nowhere this deranged mass murderer can’t be found. Transform yourself and your partner in crime into this horror legend with our costume, for men and women. Complete your look with one of our Friday the 13th Jason Machetes and a dashing of fake blood!

Size Guide
  • Did you love the Friday The 13th film series growing up? Did Jason Voorhees instigate some night terrors which woke you in a cold sweat? It's time to get your own back and wear the Jason Hockey Jersey & Mask to spread some terror of your own by choosing your next victim to pick off at the party...

    Materials: 100% Polyester

    Licence: New Line Productions Corp

    Colour: Black, Red

    Included: Shirt, Mask

    Not Included: Gloves

  • This sexy and dangerous outfit is perfect if you have a friend going to that Halloween party as Jason X! Team up and cause double trouble as you disrupt the party flow with your savage and sporty killings! October 31st never looked so good...

    Looking to go as a pair? Click here to see the matching costume.

    This item is also available in Plus Size

    Materials: Polyester

    Licence: New Line Productions Corp

    Colour: Blue, Red

    Included: Dress, Handbag

    Not Included: Boots, Stockings, Weapon, Makeup