Striped Convict Couples Costume

Make sure you’ve got your escape story planned out, everyone will be wondering how you managed to break out of jail with our Striped Convict Couples Costume!

This striped pair are a simple yet effective choice this Halloween for friends or partners looking to arrive to the party in matching style. Leave the costumes as they are, or spice them up with some fake blood and fake weapons of choice if you want your escape story to be a little on the sinister side…. Oh, and these low-cost outfits won’t break the bank! Leaving you with more money to spend at the party, or to put towards a really good lawyer…. The choice is yours!

Size Guide
  • Declare your innocence and break free from a life behind bars in this hot black and white striped convict dress. You'll make an arresting beauty in this little number as you steal the chance for a sensational party escape.

    Materials: 100% Polyester

    Colour: Black, White

    Included: Dress

    Not Included: Handcuffs

  • No one will miss you in this statement black and white striped convict garb, so get planning your great escape or cops and robbers party, now's the time to showcase your prison chic and bad ass prowess!

    Materials: 100% Polyester

    Colour: White, Black

    Included: Top, Trousers, Hat

    Not Included: Handcuffs