Kids Deluxe Skull Trooper Costume



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Let your children finally truly immerse themselves into the crazy world of Fortnite with our Deluxe Skull Trooper Costume! You won't need V-Bucks in real life to transform into this iconic, fan favourite skin! Loot the biggest buildings and find the right weapon for them, it's going to be a long night of battles and mayhem. Do they have what it takes to reach level 100? This outfit is ideal for Halloween with it's spooky skeleton print. Or to just really get into the zone at Fortnite gaming parties!


Licence: Fortnite

Included: Jumpsuit with armband, Pouch, Snood, Chug Jug Drink Holder

Complete the Outfit

  • Double up your Fortnite armour with this Fortnite Death Valley Pick Axe, which is both a weapon and a harvesting tool. This unusual design features a brown handle with an animal skull on the top of the axe, perfecting for hitting that kill count! Accessorise your Brite Bomber, Skull Trooper or Black Knight outfit with this pickaxe this Halloween, it's inflatable, soft and safe to play with!

    Colour: Brown, White, Grey

  • Sluuuuurp! If you're a fan of the Fortnite games, you'll know all about the Party Animal Inflatable Pick Axe! This accessory is the ideal harvesting tool skin to pair up with your player costume. Whether you're a Brite Bomber, Black Knight or Skull Trooper, this keg style slurpee pick axe pairs perfectly and prepares you for battle.

    Licence: Fortnite

    Colour: Blue, Green, Yellow