Kids Deluxe Brite Bomber Costume



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For any big Fortnite fans out there, our Kids Deluxe Brite Bomber Fortnite Costume - Deluxe is the real deal! This deluxe version of the Brite Bomber features a full honeycomb patterned jumpsuit with armband, pink snood and Chug Jug drink holder! An ideal Halloween costume for any girls out there that love the hit game. Or, to really bring a smile to your little one's face this Christmas, this outfit would make for a fantastic present that can be worn all year round.


Licence: Fortnite

Colour: Purple, Multicolour

Included: Jumpsuit with armband, Snood, Chug Jug Drink Holder

Complete the Outfit

  • If your little Brite Bomber is obsessed with the Fortnite gaming series, then we're sure she'd have told you by now about the perfect accessory she needs for her outfit! Get her into character for that Battle Royale with the Rainbow Smash Inflatable Pick Axe. This large inflatable unicorn features a purple mane and a gold horn exactly like the Fortnite harvesting tool, pair it up with your Fortnite fancy dress this Halloween to complete your look!

    Licence: Fortnite

    Colour: Gold, Blue, Purple

  • Sluuuuurp! If you're a fan of the Fortnite games, you'll know all about the Party Animal Inflatable Pick Axe! This accessory is the ideal harvesting tool skin to pair up with your player costume. Whether you're a Brite Bomber, Black Knight or Skull Trooper, this keg style slurpee pick axe pairs perfectly and prepares you for battle.

    Licence: Fortnite

    Colour: Blue, Green, Yellow