Horror Chef Couples Costume

Fry up some terrifying delights this Halloween with our brilliant Killer Chefs Couples Costume! This unique costume pair is sure to have everyone eager to try your evil menu from dusk till dawn! This gory duo might have had a bit of an incident in their last shift in the kitchen, now they're back and on the hunt for the freshest ingredients they can find… And they'll stop at nothing to get them! Grab yourselves some fake weapons, make sure your chef hats are nice and straight and party the night away with bloody style!

Size Guide
  • He's unpredictable, he's angry and he's blood thirsty. Maybe that sounds like your average heat enraged chef, but this chef's speciality isn't just cooking, it's cutting...chopping...stabbing and gore! Terrify party goers with this graphic and grim Goremet Chef Costume and have them put off food all night!

    Materials: Polyester & Latex

    Colour: White, Red, Black

    Included: Coat, Tie, Scarf, Hat

    Not Included: Trousers, Cleaver

  • Looks like anyone from the Halloween party could be sliced and diced and prepared to be served with this saucy and scary Bloody Chef costume! No one will trust your chopping skills when you show up, so you may have to prove them all wrong...


    Size: Up To 14

    Materials: 100% Polyester

    Colour: White, Red

    Included: Dress, Apron, Hat

    Not Included: Stockings & Wig

  • The Bloody Halloween Cleaver is a must-have prop to complete any horror costume. Whether you're going to the party as a killer clown, revengeful doll or bloody chef, this accessory is the perfect finishing touch to scare all your friends with!

    Please note, this product is not suitable for children under 3 years.

    Materials: Plastic

    Colour: Silver, Black, Red

  • Need a little bit of killer influence on your Halloween costume? Freak out parents, friends and the general public with this realistic looking fake blood. Raise the blood pressure with this useful bottle, pop it in your bag and be prepared to scare...

    This industry standard blood has been used in many Hollywood movies and TV shows. The colouring is vivid and has a pourable consistency - making it easy to drip where desired. It is 100% edible and does not stain skin or clothing. It can be removed using soapy water. An excellent accessory for vampire fancy dress this Halloween, so drink up, you look thirsty!

    Colour: Red

    Included: 15ml Bottle of Fake Blood

  • Add the finishing touch to your bloody Halloween costume with our Blonde Blood Drip Wig. The perfect hair piece for a spooktacular time!

    Materials: Synthetic Fibre

    Colour: Red, Yellow

    Included: Wig