Ladies Crazy Jester



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Do you love to have the last laugh? Do you like to own the stage? Then nothing says the star of the Halloween party like the Ladies Crazy Jester costume - you'll have your guests in stitches. You'll definitely be slaying it in this horrifying fancy dress clown costume!


Colour: Black, White

Included: Tunic, Leggings, Collar, Mask, Waist Tie

Not Included: Cane, Tights, Gloves

Complete the Outfit

  • If it's terror you are after then let us point you in the right direction! The Jester lures his victims in with magic and jokes then strikes when the time is right...but his power is nothing without evilly laughing monochrome Evil Jester Cane!

    Materials: Plastic

    Colour: Black, White

    Included: Cane

    Not Included: Jester Costume & Mask

  • Have people spinning and dizzy with these optical illusions for eyes. Like a whirlpool or a humbug these seductive accessories suck in even the most resistant fancy dress ignorers! So get yourself the Fashion Lenses - Candy Swirl for Halloween or that fancy dress party and start swirling on the dance floor!

    The package contains:
    x2 Fashion Lenses
    Bottle of lens cleaning solution
    Lens storage case

    Fashion Lenses can be stored and reused up to the expiry date shown on the packaging.

    These are not suitable for anyone under the age of 16. People with eye conditions should not wear these lenses. Please consult an optician or eye health specialist if you are unsure on whether these are suitable for you to wear.

    Colour: White, Black

    Included: Lenses, Lens Case, Bottle

    Not Included: Makeup

  • The perfect addition to any blood soaked outfit. For a truly terrifying look, wield it above your head and scream "death to all!!!", no one will know what hit them. Our Halloween Bloody Machete is lightweight and non lethal, but don't tell anyone else that!

    Materials: 100% Plastic

    Colour: Grey, Red

    Included: Machete

  • Whoever your costume is for that Halloween fancy dress party, this Black Lipstick will change it from mildly scary to gothic nightmare! Go all in with the dark and bold shade and remember, blot, reapply, smile then scare! Just how dark can you go... Use it to finish off your Edward Scissorhands, Witch, Vampire, Morticia or Wednesday Addams look this Halloween.

    Colour: Black

    Included: Lipstick