Adult Little Red Costume



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My my! What big eyes you have!

Our cute Adult Little Red Riding Hood Costume comes straight from the classic fairytale and can be recognised even through the depths of the woods!

A lovely idea for World Book Day, or if you're feeling adventurous, this can be easily customised for Halloween with some fake blood and an axe! Just like the one the hunter used to save Red Riding Hood and her grandma in the famous tale. Show the Big Bad Wolf who's boss!


Materials: 100% Polyester

Colour: Red

Included: Dress, Bag, Hood

Not Included: Stockings

Complete the Outfit

  • Been in a fight with a rabid werewolf? Come up against Freddy Krueger's deadly claw?

    Either way, our Slashed Skin 3D FX Transfers will add an impressive element to your special effects makeup look this Halloween.

    Created by leaders in the makeup industry this clever yet simple to use temporary Halloween tattoo transfers to the skin with a little water and instantly transforms your look.

    How to apply:

    1. Skin must be free of makeup or oils
    2. Gently cut the packaging open, peel the transfer off the backing paper, flip it over the sticky side down and press the transfer back onto the transfer paper.
    3. Cut around the FX transfer leaving around 1cm from the transfer edge.
    4. Peel the plastic off and place onto dry skin with the FX face down on your skin
    6. Push wet cloth onto the back of the FX until wet through
    7. Hold in place for 30 seconds, gently peel off the paper backing – and you're done!

    How to remove:

    Fully saturate tattoo with baby oil or household rubbing alcohol and wipe with a cotton pad to easily remove.

    This Halloween accessory is particularly complementary with a vampire and Red Riding Hood costume.

    Get these gruesome and bloody wounds without the pain! You’ll have to reassure people it’s not real.

    Materials: Latex Free

    Colour: Red

  • Need some long and elegant gloves for a theatre production? Going to perform burlesque? Want chic accessories to go with your cocktail dress? Look no further, these classic and versatile Long Red Gloves can match a number of themes and personas!

    Materials: 100% Polyester

    Colour: Red

    Included: Gloves

    Not Included: Necklace