The President Costume



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Make fancy dress great again!

Be the star of the party with your convincing political campaign and silly style! Be the man who has it all, a millionaire's golf course, the wife and your very own tower! Talk away at the next fancy dress party as guests giggle from behind! Believe me, you'll make millions and millions of dollars in this costume, and you'll be winning again!


Colour: Blue, Red

Included: Jacket, Tie, Hat, Pin Badge

Not Included: Makeup, Wig

Complete the Outfit

  • So you thought you couldn't turn up as Donald Trump to a fancy dress party? Yes you can! Be one of the most influential men on the planet with this latex mask and command the room with your attention and presidential speeches.

    Colour: Yellow

    Included: Latex Mask

  • Have an evil pumpkin you need to face paint? Or a roaring tiger or a fluttering butterfly? Well the Orange FX Face Paint is perfect! It's water-based, quick drying and non-transferable, making it easy to remove! An absolute essential for Halloween! Suitable for ages 14+

    Colour: Orange