Kids Little Cowboy Costume



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Let your child's imagination run free as they Giddy-Up in our Kids Little Cowboy Costume! Let them get into character as they horseback ride across the wild west, herd up their buffalo and have the best showdown outside the Saloon! This is the ultimate dress-up option for Cowboy and Indian themed parties, as well as a great World Book Day costume.


Colour: Brown, White, Red

Included: Top with attached waistcoat, trousers and Necktie

Not Included: Hat

Complete the Outfit

  • Planning on attending that fancy dress costume as the old Western classic gun drawer cowboy? Well if you've got your chaps, spurs, waistcoat, banana and moustache in place you're missing only one key accessory- the Cowboy Brown Hat!

    Materials: Plastic

    Colour: Brown

    Included: Hat

  • Got a little Sheriff who wants to lay down the law? Has he got the fastest trigger finger in the party West? With the Sheriff Hat, he or she can keep the town and its residents safe all in the nod of this trustworthy hat.

    Materials: Polyester

    Colour: Black, Silver

    Included: Hat

    Not Included: Face Paint, Scarf, Shirt

  • Incite the biggest water fight in the wild West with a set of pistols which will spray it not say it! Grab yourself the Water Pistol Set and know that if any fastest drawer competition needs to be had, the competition will be drenched in your victory! BOOM!

    Materials: Plastic & Metal

    Colour: Brown, Blue

    Included: X2 Water Pistols, Holster, Belt

  • Are you getting ready to be the quickest gun drawer in the party town and to blow all the other competition away? Pop this little Super Cap Gun in your pocket and have everyone jumping out of their skin at the noise! Point, shoot, blow the end for professional filmic realism!

    Measurements: 16cm from front to back and uses caps to fire.

    Materials: Metal

    Colour: Blue

    Included: Gun

    Not Included: Caps