Baby Pink Monster Costume



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You little monster will always look the cutest, and now they can join in the Halloween festivities with this adorable Baby Pink Monster Costume. Attend a family party in group costumes, dress up for a Halloween party at Pre-school, or take them out trick or treating in this warm and fuzzy outfit! This jumpsuit features non-slip feet so your little monster will be as steady as they possibly can when crawling or toddling.


Colour: Pink, White

Included: Jumpsuit, Headpiece

Complete the Outfit

  • Feline like you want to take some adorably cute Halloween photos this year, with your little one dressed up too? Want something a bit wild, but comfy and fun? Start prowling your way over as the Baby Mini Meow Costume is the perfect outfit and have them looking as cute as a kitten button! The Halloween Party doesn't have to leave out your children! This comfortable jumpsuit costume is perfect for those long days, so your toddler can take a nap when things get a bit much!

    Materials: Polyester

    Colour: Black, Orange

    Included: Jumpsuit & Headpiece