Rasta Banana Costume



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Every once in a while someone arrives at a fancy dress party in THE COSTUME that everyone adores, sends people into peels of laughter and remains legendary until long after the night? Ever wanted to be that person? Well now you can, so don't be a yellow-belly, get healthy and a bit fruity now with the chilled and reggae loving Rasta Banana costume!


Chest: Up To 48"
Waist: Up To 40"


Materials: Polyester & Foam

Colour: Yellow

Included: Tunic

Complete the Outfit

  • Want to get a Rastafarian kinda look for that chilled out fancy dress party? Want to get all the gear to look authentic and want to do it legally? Put on the reggae and start chillaxing as you whip out the hilarious and oversized Spliff!

    Materials: Paper & Foil

    Colour: White, Brown

    Included: Spliff

    Not Included: Shirt