Saloon Gal Costume



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Want to be that girl that looks all ruffled for a Western? Ready to quick draw and arrest the attention of all who see her? We've got the sassy, smart and sexy Saloon Gal Dress here so take a look at the punters and expect your drinks for free in this party town...


Materials: Polyester

Colour: Pink, Black

Included: Dress

Not Included: Fishnets, Shoes, Choker, Headpiece

Complete the Outfit

  • Planning on coming to the party as Pretty Woman? Maybe you're going to be a 1920s flapper girl? These sexy and flattering Black Fishnet Tights will set any costume on fire! Just watch jaws drop and eyes widen when you sashay into the room! Looking for that gothic touch? These tights are perfect for almost all Halloween costumes too, dress up as a wicked witch, a sexy skeleton or a little black cat ready to party the last night of October away!

    Materials: 100% Nylon

    Colour: Black

    Included: Tights

  • Get ready for showtime with this all essential theatrical accessory, the famous, the fabulous - Red Feather Boa! Whether you are Liza Minelli, a resting actress fresh off Broadway or a Burlesquing beauty, this fun feather boa is the perfect performance partner!

    Colour: Red

    Included: Feather Boa

  • Whether you are going to be a 1920s fabulous flapper girl and need a feather for your headpiece or you just fancy tickling people pleasantly with a rogue tickling device, this Black Turkey Feather can fulfil all of your feathery needs! You'll have people squawking with delight when they see this fanciful accessory...

    Colour: Black

  • Shake your tail feather and get ready for carnival season with the Long White Feather Boa. This accessory has been adorned by women across the centuries. Got a 20's flapper look to pull off? Add a feather boa and shake your tassels! Burlesque look? Add the boa! Why not rock up to a hen do wearing one? Bring back this fashion statement to any party you attend!

    Colour: White