Classic Roman Gladiator Costume



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In the stoic battle of fancy dress costumes the Roman Gladiator surely has the fight in him to be one of the best! Channel your inner Spartacus with this heroic outfit and prepare to duel for the title of best dressed! Perfect for Greek, Roman & Historical parties.


- Beige tunic
- Black and gold body armour
- Studded headband
- Burgundy red cape
- Gold medallion
- Detachable shoulder, wrist and shin guards

Please note, the sword and shield are available to be purchased separately.


Colour: Brown

Included: Tunic, Body Armour, Attached Cape, Shoulder Guards, Wrist Guards, Shin Guards, Medallion, Headband

Not Included: Shield, Sword, Sandals

Complete the Outfit

  • If you are looking to appear to be the ultimate in Roman warriors who would wipe the arena floor with any gladiator who comes your way then get yourself the authentic and stoic Gold Lion Sheath Roman Sword Tear apart the competition with this wild weapon...

    Materials: Plastic

    Colour: Silver, Gold

    Included: Sword

  • Are you ready to prove yourself to be the bravest combatant, the most skillful swordsman and the most athletic gladiator at the party? Grab the Gladiator Combat Shield & Sword and get the party audience around because your costume will win you the adoration and a standing ovation from the crowd!

    Materials: Plastic

    Colour: Gold, Silver

    Included: Sword & Shield