Dungeon Dweller Ani-Motion Mask



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If you're planning on making your mask the main event and you want to go all out monster horror then why not try the creepy Dungeon Dweller Ani-Motion Mask which actually moves its mouth when you move yours! Bring terror back to life in this one...


Materials: Latex & Plastic

Colour: Green

Included: One Mask

Not Included: Two Masks & Shirts

Complete the Outfit

  • It's not just vampires that get to rock out the capes at Halloween, any blood curdling Halloween temptress or lothario can too! Be sexy and scary with our graceful 45 inch Taffeta Cape and be cloaked in mystery and intrigue all night!

    Materials: Polyester

    Colour: Black

    Included: Cape

    Not Included: Dress