Kids Cowboy Costume



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We bet you know a little cowboy or cowgirl out there who loves to ride their imaginary horse, use their lasso and practice being the fastest draw in the wild wild West? If you do then we have just the perfect outfit for them, the Cowboy costume!


Materials: 100% Polyester

Colour: Brown, Red, White

Included: Waistcoat, Chaps, Bandana, Hat

Not Included: Gun, Shirt, Jeans, Shoes

Complete the Outfit

  • Are you getting ready to be the quickest gun drawer in the party town and to blow all the other competition away? Pop this little Super Cap Gun in your pocket and have everyone jumping out of their skin at the noise! Point, shoot, blow the end for professional filmic realism!

    Measurements: 16cm from front to back and uses caps to fire.

    Materials: Metal

    Colour: Blue

    Included: Gun

    Not Included: Caps