Evil Jester Plus Size

Evil Jester Plus Size Costume



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What two colours sum up horror for you? How about red symbolising blood, and black symbolising the dark unknown? The Evil Jester Plus Size costume not only combines the classic colour scheme of horror but also the terrifying contrast of comedy and evil- the joke is on everyone else as you prepare to do more than punch after the punchlines... This Halloween, get the party started with this haunting Jester costume, complete with spooky skull face mask!


Chest: Up To 52"
Waist: Up To 48"


Materials: Polyester & Latex

Colour: Red, Black

Included: Shirt, Trousers, Headpiece, Mask, Sash

Not Included: Gloves, Cane, Shoes

Complete the Outfit

  • Want to play with party goers emotions at Halloween this year? Want to entertain and lure them in, then terrify them with fear?! Be the horrifying Jester and make sure you'll be the only one left smiling with this essentially creepy Jester Skull Cane!

    Materials: Plastic

    Colour: Black, Grey

    Included: Cane