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Spider Widow Hat

Spider Widow Hat Accessory



Fancy dress costume sizes can differ from standard clothing. Please check our size guide to ensure the best fit. Size Guide


You may be a gothically grieving widow for Halloween or a ghoulishly glamourous femme fetale, whatever the character you are choosing to play for that fancy dress party or performance, make her alluring and creepy with the Spider Widow Hat!


Materials: Polyester

Colour: Black

Included: Hat & Veil

Complete the Outfit

  • Whether its a performance on stage or a performance as a character at a fancy dress party, age counts for nothing. It's all about finding the right accessories! And so, we present to all of you old lady wannabees for the night, the Old Lady Wig, perfect for pruning, wearing reading glasses with and covering with a head scarf!

    Materials: Polyester

    Colour: Grey

    Included: Wig

    Not Included: Glasses & Shirt

  • It's time to gather the accessories that make your outfit whole! These Black Lace Fingerless Gloves are fabulous if you are jazzing up a stylish cocktail dress or dressing down a wench costume, either way they had some character and story to our outfit....

    Materials: Polyester

    Colour: Black

    Included: Gloves

  • Want to go as Grandma from Red Riding Hood? Planning on channelling a mad, ageing scientist with a face to match? We've literally got your covered with this Old Age Face Paint! Easy to use, this makeup will make you look as old as you want to be, the acting skills however are down to you!

    Colour: Pink

    Included: Makeup

  • Maybe you are going to be a gothic princess or a ghoulish queen this Halloween? Maybe you want some dark Twiggy makeup for that 1960s party, or you want to create some smoky black eyes for your Catwoman costume! The name of the game is versatility with this Black Eyeshadow! Pair it up with any costume for that upcoming fancy dress do!

    Colour: Black

    Included: Makeup

  • Fancy being a corpse this Halloween? Got the costume and the accessories and the deadly deadpan expression nailed? Now you all need to finish the look off is the Corpse Face Paint! Whack this on and you'll love look pale, interesting and the most realistic Halloween fancy dress party goer of the night!

    Colour: Yellow

    Included: Makeup