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Bride To Be Veil Pink

Bride To Be Veil Pink Costume Accessory



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We're sure the bride on her Hen Do will be plastered with pink accessories and loving every second but make the moment a little more special with this Bride To Be Veil Pink! It's delicate and bridal and adds a little bit of subtly to the occasion...


Colour: Pink

Complete the Outfit

  • It's time to get your girls and shine all night with these 6 Hen Night Mini Tiaras! Give the Hen a night she'll remember and bag your prince charming as these tempting tiaras show not only are you princesses but it's going to take more than a frog to impress!

    Materials: Plastic

    Colour: Pink

    Included: X6 Tiraras

  • Want some cute and functional accessories for that raucous Hen Party that are pretty in pink and won't break the bank? Trying to think of a way for everyone to learn each others names without a cringey ice breaking game? We've got the perfect solution- the Hen Party Badges - Set of 7!

    Materials: Metal

    Colour: Black, Pink

    Included: Badges

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    Colour: Red, Yellow, Green

    Included: Straws

  • He's rippling with muscles, is fully formed (kind of) and he is more than ready as an accessory for that raucous hen party! Get that party started and stitch up the bride to be with this hilarious and proud Mr Wonder Willy Man- it's nakedtastic!

    Materials: Plastic

    Colour: Yellow, Black

    Included: Inflatable Man