Hospital Nurse Costume



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Going to a fancy dress party doesn't mean that you can't look cute! Check out this fun and practical Nurse outfit with essential little apron and pastel blue dress. Have party goer patients galore lining up around the block for your to check their vital statistics! Add a splash of blood, a giant syringe and fake cuts for a horror Halloween look!


Materials: 100% Polyester

Colour: Blue, White

Included: Dress, Apron, Hat

Not Included: Tights & Shoes

Complete the Outfit

  • Maybe you're going to an angels and devils party and want to capture that cutesy angelic look, or perhaps you are going as a zombie doll to a Halloween party! These Thigh High White Bow Stockings are versatile, suit many themes and can also be doused in fake blood for that gross look so get a pair and wear them how you want them!

    Materials: 100% Nylon

    Colour: White

    Included: Thigh Highs

    Not Included: Shoes

  • Whether you're planning on scaring a few needle phobic people at a doctors and nurses party or you are planning on chasing the crowds with a medically mad look in your eyes at Halloween, this Jumbo Syringe is sure to inject fear into anyone who spies it!

    Materials: Plastic

    Colour: White

    Included: Syringe

    Not Included: Uniform

  • If you're planning on going to that fancy dress party as a very trustworthy doctor or perhaps a derranged psychopath neurosurgeon, this Stethoscope is the perfect accessory to make you feel as authentically medical as possible!

    Materials: Plastic

    Colour: Black, Silver

    Included: Stethoscope

  • It isn't just your outfit that needs first aid when it comes to dressing up as a naughty nurse for that fancy dress party but also your nails! Do it cheaply and lavishly with the fun and medically themed Nurse Fancy Nails!

    Materials: Plastic

    Colour: Red, White

    Included: Nails