1950s Costumes & 50s Fancy Dress Accessories

What’s buzzin’, cuzzin’? Lookin' for 1950s Costumes & 50s Fancy Dress Accessories? Cool it, we’ll clue ya… Our range of far out 50's fashion is just the threads you need to catch a movie, have a shake on the dance floor or watch a (possibly illegal) drag race. We've taken direct inspiration from the hottest Teddy Boys and Rock & Rollers of the era. We're talkin' Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, James Dean, Frank Sinatra. The Kings and Queens of costume and style! Whether you need the cutest of 1950's polka-dot dresses, or just need to find some groovy shades to finish off your T-Birds outfit or Grease fancy dress, we've got you covered!