Red and Blue School Tie Accessory



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Going to a party with a school days theme, a fancy dress club night or part of a theatre production? We've got the perfectly authentic looking Red and Blue School Tie Accessory for any of those needs so get back to it, and don't forget to pick up your homework on the way out!


Materials: Polyester

Colour: Red, Blue

Included: Tie

Not Included: Shirt & Jacket

Complete the Outfit

  • When it comes like being a geek at a party, having your trousers pulled up, your t-shirt tucked in, your shoes a little bit too big and that flat to the head hair it's hard to think that any accessory could make you even dweebier. But, the Nerd Specs are the item that really finish off the studious look, so grab these today and start making some complicated science jokes!

    Materials: Plastic

    Colour: Black

    Included: Glasses