Black Rocker Elvis

Black Rocker Elvis Costume



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Bring the King back from the dead with this flamboyant and character defining Black Rocker Elvis costume! Trick the party goers all night long as you say Viva Las Vegas in your Blue Suede Shoes and pull some shapes on the dance floor (adorned by screaming fans of course).


Materials: Polyester

Licence: USPTO

Colour: Black, Gold

Included: Shirt, Trousers, Belt, Cape

Not Included: Glasses, Wig, Microphone

Complete the Outfit

  • Get ready to prove to everyone that the King is very, very much alive! This Black Elvis Wig will have your lip curling, knee jiggling and all the girls screaming as you strum your guitar and those vocal chords on the dance floor at that fancy dress party!

    Materials: Polyester

    Licence: Elvis Lives

    Colour: Black

    Included: Wig

    Not Included: Shirt