Cougar Costume



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Maybe you're a gal who is feline like she wants to go on the prowl for young men, or maybe you are just a fiesty wild pussy cat who can't be tamed! Either way, the Cougar costume is sexy and strong and can only be worn with a sashay of the tail!


Materials: 95% polyester & 5% spandex

Colour: Brown, Black

Included: Catsuit, Headband, Collar, Tail

Complete the Outfit

  • Feline like you may dress up as a rather fluffy pussy cat for Halloween, or a fancy dress party? We'll take the lead and take you on a walk on the wild side with the animalistic and striking Fashion Lenses - Cat Eyes! Perfect as a finishing touch for your furry look, pop these in and get on the prowl...

    The package contains:
    x2 Fashion Lenses
    Bottle of lens cleaning solution
    Lens storage case

    Fashion Lenses can be stored and reused up to the expiry date shown on the packaging.

    These are not suitable for anyone under the age of 16. People with eye conditions should not wear these lenses. Please consult an optician or eye health specialist if you are unsure on whether these are suitable for you to wear.

    Colour: Yellow

    Included: Lenses, Lens Case, Solution

    Not Included: Make up

  • Need terrifying eerie eyeliner or evil eyebrows? So long as you have your baddie BWA HA HA laugh lined up, this makeup pencil will be the perfect edition to any Halloween or fancy dress costume. Go get creative!

    Colour: Black

    Included: Pencil