Darth Vader Zappar Morphsuit



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Want to stride into a fancy dress party and have to say nothing? Are you aiming to make a statement were anything but heavy breathing is unnecessary...that could be strange if we weren't talking about the Darth Vader Zapper Morphsuit! Zap in, zap out!

Bring your outfit to life with the augmented reality app that comes free with your costume.

Fully compatible with smartphones and tablets, when your device is paired with one of our Zappar costumes they create interactive augmented reality experiences. Have cool superpowers, play games and show off your cool costume to everyone at the party!


Colour: Black, Grey

Included: Jumpsuit, Cape, Mask

Complete the Outfit

  • So you've got your Darth Vader costume including cape which dramatically blows in the wind and intergalactically honed Lightsaber skills- but is something missing? You bet! No self respecting dark lord would step outside his front door without the ultimate accessory- the officially licensed Darth Vader Breathing Device! Costume complete!

    Materials: Plastic

    Licence: Lucasfilm Ltd & TM

    Colour: Black

    Included: Breathing Device

    Not Included: Batteries