Womens Around The World Costumes

Travel to the far corners of the globe with our brilliant range of Womens Around The World Fancy Dress Costumes! If you've got a Greek themed party coming up, it's almost tradition to arrive in a Classic Toga Costume! Our toga is a beautiful choice that is a match made in heaven with the low-cost Golden Goddess Sandals. If you're feeling a little more exotic, take a look at our colourful Arabian Princess Costume. Just make sure you've practiced your belly dancing... For the curvy ladies out there that want to party with the gods at a Roman themed party our Plus Size Empress Costume is a beautiful option. Pair it up with a shiny gold Armband Bangle Accessory and your stunning outfit is complete! Finally, for an upcoming Hawaiian themed event on the horizon, you really can't go wrong with a simple yet eye-catching Multi Coloured Hula Skirt!

If these Around The World costumes don't take your fancy, why not explore our HUGE range of Womens Costumes & Accessories.

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