Got a uniformed themed fancy dress party coming up? Want to grab that last minute addition to shift your outfit from great to incredible? Have no fear, our Uniform Costume Accessories category is here. No police officer would be seen on the beat without their Metal Badge, and no doctor would be ready for action without a juicy syringe. Why not make that syringe hilariously oversized with our Jumbo Syringe Accessory! To really create a unique look that's suited for Halloween, our Bloody Nurse Kit is simple to add to any hospital themed outfit and looks scarily realistic! For any adults or teachers out there that want to show their children the way of the working life, our Kids Construction Builders Kit is a great way to get their imaginations running wild. The kits are ideal for career days or to just get little ones playing as Bob the Builder and the gang! Or maybe you're more into elegance and old-school charm? Our Sherlock Holmes Kit Accessory will have you looking as sharp as the famous detective faster than you can say "Elementary my dear Watson!"

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