Baby Witch & Famous Costume



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If you're attending a fancy-dress party this Halloween and want the whole family to look their most frightful, then you must surely include your little one! Cherish those fun and playful photos when she wears the Witch and Famous Costume. It's bewitching, spellbinding and beautiful- just like her!

Our Baby Witch & Famous Costume comes complete with a dark purple and black dress, with the top half being lighter in colour. It also features an image of a spider and the words, ‘witch and famous’ written in silver. The skirt is black, with a dark purple rim, and it poofs out a little. Last, but certainly not least, is our black pointy witch’s hat, which has purple ribbon and a silver red heart wrapped around it.

We wonder what spell she’ll cast this Halloween…

Includes: Hat & Dress

Size Guide
Babys Age 0-6 months X Small 0-6 months Height Up to 26", Weight Up to 16 lbs
Babys Age 6-12 months Small 6-12 months Height 26"-29.5", Weight 16-23 Ibs
Babys Age 12-18 months Medium 12-18 months Height 29.5"-32", Weight 23-27 lbs
Babys Age 18-24 months Large 18-24 months Height 33"-35", Weight 27-30 lbs