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Make your child’s Halloween Costume extra creepy this year as they transform into the one and only Slenderman, with our Kids the Slenderman Costume. The Slenderman is usually depicted as resembling a thin, unnaturally tall man with a blank and usually featureless face, wearing a black suit. What started as an online phenomenon, this horror character has brought real-life fear to many kids and now even adults, with the release of the new movie.

The Kids Slenderman Costume is made up of an all in one black morph-suit, with unique suit and tie prints and a blank face to disguise your child’s identity. They’ll look just like creepy the character when they suit up in this outfit!

This Halloween, watch your child dress up as the supernatural character and send shivers down spines of other partygoers! He gets in your head, like a virus! Can you see him...?

Includes: Morphsuit

Size Guide
Kids Age 6-8 Small Age 6-8, Height 3ft 4" - 3ft 10"
Kids Age 8-10 Large Age 8-10, Height 120cm - 137cm
Kids Age 10-12 Large Age 10-12, Height 4ft 6" - 5ft

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My son loved this costume for his school Halloween disco