Kids Witch Costumes & Halloween Accessories

Bubble a potion, watch it brew, add a frog and a dash of shrew! Cast a spell and cause a fright, fly off on your broom tonight! Here they come, warts and all, they're frightening enough to scare off a ghoul! Step into a childrens witch costume, don't forget the hat, before you know it you'll have a black cat! Go out on the night for a trick-or- treat, and hope for many sweets to eat! For a Halloween classic, your child can suit up into one of our Kids Witch Costumes and fly off into the midnight sky on a broomstick! Your little girl will be cackling with joy in no time! If she loves Hocus Pocus and spellbinding, then these childrens witch outfits are perfect for her! This collection of fancy dress includes everything from a simple witch dress to colourful cloaks. For some spooky but cute style, try the Kids Charmed Witch. For something magical with a dash of colour, this Orange Kids Witch outfit is perfect! If you want to dress your whole coven, we have costumes for your whole family with our Halloween Costumes and Accessories category. Our cheap and cheerful collection of witch fancy dress is available for Next Day Delivery in the mad Halloween rush!