Kids Classic Vampire Costume



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Does your child consider themselves as a more traditional kind of vampire? If so, then this is the look for them. Our Kids Classic Vampire Costume will bring all the bats out of their caves in an instant! One whip of the cape and his victims will be falling at their feet....and hopefully lots of sweets too! They just better watch out for the garlic along the way…

The Kids Classic Vampire Costume is made up of a long black cape with a classic Count Dracula collar, featuring a bold red colour on the inside. Also included is a blood-red waistcoat with gold buttons, and an attached silky white undershirt. To match the inside of a vampire’s heart, the outfit includes a black pair of trousers and gold medallion hanging off a red ribbon. Your boy has everything he needs to become a devious vampire of the underworld!

Who’s neck is it time to feast on next?

Includes: Cape, Waistcoat, Trousers, Medallion

Size Guide
Kids Age 3-4 Small Age 3-4 Height 104cm, Waist 51cm
Kids Age 5-6 Medium Age 5-6 Height 116cm, Waist 53cm
Kids Age 9-10 Extra Large Age 9-10 Height 140cm, Waist 62cm