Kids War Evacuee Girl Costume



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Respect the brave young children that had to leave their family during World War 2, as the Blitz raged on overhead, these youngsters bravely kept the spirit of Britain alive. Our Kids War Evacuee Girl Costume is a great way to honour them at your school history day. Many of them were sent to the British countryside where they weren't always wanted, never to see family members again. These youngsters grew up to rebuild the cities and homes that had been destroyed during the Blitz.

Includes: Dress, Satchel, ID Tag, Beret

Size Guide
Kids Age 4-6 Small Age 4-6 Weight 35-45 lbs, Bust/Chest 58-64cm, Waist 54-57cm, Height 115-128cm
Kids Age 7-9 Medium Age 7-9 Weight 55-73 lbs, Bust/Chest 69-72cm, Waist 60-62cm, Height 130-143cm
Kids Age 10-12 Large Age 10-12 Weight 74-100 lbs, Bust/Chest 76-80cm, Waist 64-67cm, Height 145-158cm