Hawaiian Party Decorations and Accessories

You've got your floral dress and lei garland sorted, you're looking super tropical, the cocktails are ready to be mixed, now you just need some brilliant Hawaiian Party Decorations & Accessories to give your event that extra sun-kissed touch! Serve your drinks in style with Hawaiian party accessories such as our Coconut Flower Cups, or maybe just pick a bunch of our Tropical Fruit Straws to give off that Hawaiian vibe all year round! Do you want to add some cute animal Hawaiian party decorations to the celebration but don't happen to own your own monkey or flamingo? Our cute Inflatable Monkey and Inflatable Flamingo look brilliant at any party and certainly create a lot less mess than the real things!

If you still need to find the best Hawaiian fancy dress outfits around, including grass skirts and beautiful leis, browse our full costume collection this way!