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Remember all of those horror stories you and your friends used to tell each other about that doll that came alive? It's time to live out the story in real life as you become the eerie and peculiar doll, in the Womens Voodoo Rag Doll Costume. Master your robot jagged walk, perfect your undead stare and give this character a new breath of life this Halloween! This spooky doll costume is sure to creep a few partygoers out…

The Womens Voodoo Rag Doll Costume is made up of a short-sleeve dress with a plunging neckline. The dress itself is an off brown-beige colour with stiches on the front and a red snake design on the skirt. Also included is a pair of white tights with black stich detailing on the front. Completing the look is two red stick pins to put in your hair, just like a voodoo doll, and finally, a heart pin badge.

It's time to nail down your doll walk for Halloween!

Please note, the packaging for this product will display US sizing.

Includes: Dress, Tights, Novelty Stick Pins, Heart Pin Badge

Size Guide
Womens X-Small X-Small, US 4-6, UK 6-8, Bust 35", Waist 26", Hips 36", Height 66"
Womens Small Small, US 6-8, UK 8-10, Bust 36", Waist 27", Hips 37", Height 67"
Womens Medium Medium, US 8-10, UK 10-12, Bust 38", Waist 29", Hips 39", Height 68"
Womens Large Large, US 10-12, UK 12-14, Bust 40", Waist 31", Hips 41", Height 68"

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Lesley Herd

Yes was very pleased with it