No 1980s costume would be complete without our range of neon 80s Accessories, 80s Wigs & 80s Jewellery! The nineteen eighties was the decade of bright colours and outlandish individuality. Neon hair colours and body paint were all the rage, big action movies like Top Gun were causing a stir in cinemas and Tetris was the epitome of a good time. Get a hint of punk with 80s jewellery such as studded wristbands and chokers, or get inspired by Madonna with the perfect perm. Mullet style 80s wigs and giant afro's are also a great choice for men to help celebrate the hairstyles of the wild 80s! Inflatable boom boxes, and retro mobile phones also add a larger than life edge to make your costume even more authentic. If you're still in need of a radical 80's costume, you can browse our full collection here. Find all of the 80s accessories you need to perfect your groovy 1980's style costume right here. It's currently one of the most popular dress-up themes for parties and you'll have plenty of competition on the dance floor! Think big hair, colourful clothing and classic dance tunes!