Womens Halloween costume ideas for 2023

August 11, 2023

Womens Halloween costume ideas for 2023 - Fancydress.com

Womens Halloween costume ideas for 2023

Get prepared to be inspired ladies! We’ve assembled a list of some of the best women's Halloween costume ideas for 2023, designed to give you a glamorous makeover and a party night to remember. Our outfits are right on trend for this year, based on both classic Halloween characters and themes made popular this year. We all need a good night out after the events of earlier in the year… Check out all our ideas below!


The Shining Twins

Starting with a horror movie classic, The Shining Twins are a supernatural duo that have terrified audiences since the launch of the film. Watch the movie for tips on how to enact the spooky supernatural aura of the twins and team up with your best friend to haunt Halloween parties all over your town. The Shining costumes feature the classic ‘blue dress’ look of the Grady twins; all you need is some pale make-up and dark under-eyes.

 The Shining Twin Costume


Red light, green light

Time to take your solid gaze and keep a watchful eye on those who wobble, shake or fall. Who'll be the next player to take out? You make look sweet and innocent, but you're far from it. Detect the weak players and prevent them from moving up to the next round of Squid Game!

adult squid game deluxe doll costume

I cast a spell on you 

Sexy meets scary this Halloween, as you become a sultry mistress. You'll be the leader of all the dark goddesses, as you shake your long locks. You won't be made to carry out any tasks, so you can focus on playing the role of the lady of the manor, just like Morticia Addams. 


womens macabre mistress costume

Twisted clowns

Are clowns not the creepiest character you can be for Halloween? Some people are absolutely terrified of them! Capitalise on the creepy clown persona with a sinister circus character outfit. Being such as popular character, there’s plenty of women’s clown costumes to choose from. Get inspiration from a clown horror movie with an IT-style outfit or give yourself a cute makeover as a fabulous Pierrot clown.

ladies twisted clown costume

Dazed dolls

Dolls are adorable, but they can also be creepy, and we’re all about the latter! Paint your face with a matte finish and stare blankly at anyone that walks past. Inanimate doll costumes are a great women’s Halloween costume idea for those that want the prettiness of a dress, but also a scary Halloween edge. Choose from rag doll outfits, those based on kids’ toys or the insanely scary doll characters from horror movies such as Annabelle.

womens voodoo rag doll costume


Wednesday Addams

Unleash the rebellious teenager inside of you and become the most troublesome member of the Addams Family, Wednesday Addams. This sullen teen girl loves to wear all black – with black hair, pale make-up and her plain black dress. The Addams Family is a Halloween costume classic that’s popular every year and Wednesday is a perfect outfit choice for the ladies. Alternatively, why not dress as her mum, Morticia Addams?

90S Womens Wednesday Addams Costume


Day of the Dead drop gorgeous

Dia de los Muertos is the age-old annual celebration in Mexico where locals dress up to honour their deceased ancestors. With its spectacular costume design and colourful sugar-skull paintings, you couldn’t have a cooler looking costume for Halloween. Its spooky style and stand out make-up will have you turning heads everywhere you go! Choose a sexy Senourita Day of the Dead dress and practice your make-up skills by following a YouTube tutorial.

Day of the Dead Beauty Costume  

Sexy Skeleton

Skeletons are like, totally in this year… Shake those bones on the dancefloor and party on as a character than has been famous ever since we started to celebrate Halloween. Go for the all-in-one skeleton outfit that covers your entire body and face, a cool glow in the dark Onesie or something a little more glamourous. Skeleton dresses are the way to go for ladies that want something quick and fabulous.

womens sexy skeleton jumpsuit

Harley Quinn

The devious and sometimes a little crazy Harley Quinn needs no introduction. She’s long been a favourite character in the Batman Gotham City universe of Comics and debuted in her own movie in 2020. Don the Harley Quinn look from the Birds of Prey movie or go for the classic red and blue jacket appearance in the Suicide Squad film. She’s cheeky, fun and a perfect women’s Halloween costume idea for this year. If you’re heading out to a party with your partner, why not dress them as Joker?

Women's Harley Quinn Costume 

Clueless Cher and Dionne

Throwback to the classic 90’s movie Clueless and return to high school with Cher and Dionne. The outfits of these quirky characters are the perfect fit for a couple of girlfriends that want a classic Halloween costume idea. 25 years on, the film continues to be a hit and everyone will recognise who you are! All you need to do is slip on their uniforms and do your hair and make-up. 😊

 Without A Clue CherWithout A Clue Cher Costume

Without A Clue Dionne

Without A Clue Dionne Costume

Chucky Girl

If you’re looking for a womens Halloween costume idea on the slightly terrifying side, transform yourself into the prolific serial killer Chucky from the Child’s Play movie. This female version of the male character will give you a devious persona and is best accompanied with a fake plastic knife and some fake blood. Now all you need to do is remain still and quiet until everyone is asleep…

womens chucky costume 

Greek goddess

Add a sprinkle of elegant Greek beauty to this year’s Halloween party by draping a toga costume over you and becoming one of the many Greek goddesses. Athena, Aphrodite and Hera are all symbols of femininity and you can easily create their look using toga robes, jewellery and a coloured sash. Throw on your favourite pair of Greek-style sandals and you have a lavish women’s Halloween costume idea that costs very little. Next, have a handsome hunk to feed you grapes. 😉

womens deluxe toga costume

Un-dead zombie

Zombies aren’t exactly a new and ground-breaking women’s Halloween costume idea for 2023 but they’re a classic choice that perfectly fits with the theme. Plus, there are countless different zombie characters to choose from – you wouldn’t want to be any old creature of the walking dead! Become a zombie nurse, cheerleader zombie, school girl, police lady, nun and many more!

Zombie School Girl Costume

Circus superstar

Rise as the leader of the party as you transform into a sexy, sophisticated circus act this Halloween. Circus themed costumes include ring masters, jesters, clowns and some of the more daring acts of the big top. Knife throwers, lion tamers, show girls and trapeze artists will create a performance that rivals The Greatest Showman.

Anne Wheeler Circus Showman Costume

Dark Alice in Wonderland

Turn to the dark side and go for a sexy, spooky version of the classic Alice in Wonderland theme. Whether you’re attending a mad hatters tea party or going for a Halloween night out, these scary yet whimsical versions of the classic fairy-tale costumes will have everyone’s head spinning! Dark Mad Hatter, Alice and the Queen of Hearts are all part of the line-up.

Womens Dark Twisted Alice Costume 

Popstars & rock stars

Spice up your life with a Spice Girls costume, ideal for a group of girls, or envisage a pop icon like Madonna. Pop star and rock star Halloween costumes have an endless amount of opportunities and you can even make your own outfit. Ariana Grande was a top choice in 2022 and we wonder what this year will bring. Take the spotlight with a music inspired costume and bring along a microphone or instrument accessory to perfect the look.



Adults 80s Virgin Bride Costume


Rihanna Pop Star Costume


A scary villain queen is always one to turn heads when it comes to dressing up. Why not ditch the princess look this year and take on the attitude as Maleficent? Stand back and let the costume speak for itself as you evolve into one of the most iconic Disney villains of the past year… It’s a women’s Halloween costume idea that’s right on trend for Halloween 2023.

Evil Wicked Sorceress Costume

Pretty Pirate

Every year, pirate costumes are one of the most searched for and worn fancy dress ideas. They’re great for guys, girls and any age. Unlike other outfits, you also have plenty of costume options within the category, from swashbuckling pirate wenches to grand female pirate captains with frilled dresses and show-off hats. Decide on a pretty pirate costume of your choice and go searching for some eye candy treasure.

 Pretty Pirate Costume

Fortune Teller

Are you looking for an unusual and somewhat mystical ladies Halloween costume idea this year? A glamorous fortune teller outfit is an underrated choice that not many people will think of. Embrace the mysterious look in a traditional dress and place a crystal ball into the palm of your hand. A headband and lots of bangle bracelets is another great accessory to complete the look. Channel your inner powers and have fun predicting what the future holds for your party guests…

Deluxe Fortune Teller Costume 

A Disney Princess

If you’re deciding on a Halloween costume but don’t want go for the scary, classic option, a Disney Princess is the ideal choice. Enjoy choosing your favourite princess and bring the magic to life! Cinderella, Sleeping Beaty, Pocahontas, Snow White and The Little Mermaid are just some of the Disney Princesses you can dress as.

Princess Jasmine

Womens Jasmine Costume


adult classic cinderella costume


Mystical Crypt Mummy

Wrap yourself up and get ready to party like it’s 3000BC in a mystical crypt mummy costume. Not only is a mummy a classic spooky idea, but it looks sexy, shows a little bit of skin and will give your friends a good laugh as you shuffle around the dancefloor. Rise out of your Egyptian sarcophagus and come alive for the time of your life this All Hallows Eve.

Mystical Crypt Mummy Costume 

Top Gun flight deck commander

March onto the dancefloor with a women’s Halloween costume idea that demands respect! Re-create the Goose and Maverick partnership to form your own flight crew this October 31st. Team up with your partner or a group of girlfriends to create a squad of pilots to take to the skies (or the best Halloween party around!).

 adult fighter pilot aviator costume 

Now we’ve inspired you with some of the hottest women’s Halloween costume ideas, all that’s left to do is plan a big Halloween night out with your friends! Gather your squad and dress up as a group theme or rock up to the party as a couple. Many of these ideas can also work solo. Once you’ve chosen your Halloween outfit, accessorise with make-up, jewellery and other fancy dress props and accessories to perfect your appearance. We’re going all out in 2023!

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