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Queens Jubilee Costume ideas – Get ready for the big celebration!

May 23, 2022

Queens Jubilee Costume ideas – Get ready for the big celebration! -

We hope you’ve received the memo by now, but for those who haven’t, the biggest party of the summer in on the horizon. The Queen is celebrating her 70th year of reign this June, and as with all royal bank holidays, it’s going to be one big celebration! As it’s a British occasion, it calls for British costumes, British accessories, and of course, British party decorations.

Go all out wearing a Union Jack printed suit or transform into Geri Halliwell for the party, in her iconic mini Union Jack Dress. Accessorise your look with a funky Union Jack Wig or get into the party spirit wearing a fun hat accessory. We’ve put together a list of Queens Jubilee costume and accessory ideas that the Queen herself would be proud of. The costumes can be worn for other British-themed events too, such as Eurovision, sports events and Around The World themed parties.  


Queens Jubilee Costumes

We love a sequin jacket!

The weather can be a bit hit or miss, especially in the UK, so you’re going to need an extra layer, especially if you party on into the night or are having an outdoor BBQ party. Add a bit of sparkle and glam to your British look. Your jacket will shine even more when the sun hits your outfit in the summer. We love it and we’re sure the Queen would approve too!

womens union jack sequin bomber jacket

Dapper dude

Waistcoats may be a thing of the past, but they do wonders to your look and are quickly becoming fashionable again. If you’re heading to a party that requires red, white and blue attire, team the waistcoat up with a smart white shirt, or swap it for a loose t-shirt for a more chilled and laid-back look. We’ll give you three guesses as to the theme of the party…

mens union jack waistcoat

Suited and booted

There’s no such thing as over the top, especially not for the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations. And the more the better in this case! Leave your loungewear at home and swap it for something a bit more jazzy to capture the attention of other party goers. One thing’s for sure, you’ll be awarded the best dressed as the party!

union jack suitThe Queen’s Guard

Spend your entire day guarding Buckingham Palace and protecting Queen and country, all whilst looking smart. You’ll also make a great photo opportunity, especially amongst tourists! A Queen’s guard is a stand-out Queens Jubilee costume idea that others won’t think of.

 adult british buckingham palace guard

Spice up your life

The next costume on our list of Queen’s Jubilee costume ideas is one for the 90’s kids out there. If you loved the Spice Girls growing up, then you can transform into Ginger Spice and cheer on your country at the same time. Her iconic Union Jack dress will go down in history, so you better do it justice!

womens union jack spice girl costume 

The little red post box

When we first think of Great Britain, asides from Fish n chips and scones, we imagine the classic red post boxes that can be found all over towns and cities. They’re a British icon and make a great photo opportunity, especially when you’re dressed up as one!

adult novelty post box costume 

The famous London landmark

Many visitors make their way to the capital, London, for a long-weekend break of sightseeing. Top sights include Buckingham Palace, paying the Queen a visit at Buckingham Palace, The Tower of London, and of course, Big Ben. Whilst you’re not going to be quite as tall as the real thing, you can pop on a pair of heels and grow a few inches if you fancy it! Celebrate the Jubilee as one of London’s most iconic monuments!

big ben dress costume 

My lady, Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria was the ruling Queen in the late 1800s. It looks like our current Queeny has beat her to it with her reign being 7 years longer than Queen Victoria’s! Either way, she’s still a royal icon and is worthy of dressing up as her to celebrate our current Queen’s Jubilee! You could also repurpose the Queen Victoria costume to dress up as Queen Elizabeth. 

royal queen victoria costume


Queens Jubilee Costume Accessories

Her Royal Majesty

The first accessory we have on our list is great for those who want a quick and easy piece to wear for their upcoming party. Let’s be honest, there’s only one Queen Elizabeth, but you can do your best to look like her. Slip on your favourite dress, along with this mask, and people will start thinking the real Queen has turned up to the party. That’ll be a sherry for me, please dear!

adult card the queen mask 

Hats galore

One way to really take your look to the next level is to accessorise to your hearts content! Hats are not only fun centrepieces for plain clothing, but they can also be worn with your favourite British costume. Which team will you be on, team top hat or bowler hat?

union jack hats
Wave your flag for Great Britain!

A staple accessory for any British themed event is a handheld Union Jack flag. It’s ideal for those looking for an additional accessory, or for those on a budget. Just make sure not to overdo it on the waving front, as you’ve got the whole party to make it through without hurting your wrist!

great britain flag accessoryIt’s time to party!

Next up on our list are accessories that can’t be worn alongside your costume as such, but rather used as some great party decorations! Jazz up your house both indoors and outdoors with all things Union Jack! Bunting decorations are an affordable option for when it comes to party decorations and can be used multiple times when looked after. Deck the halls with red, white and blue!

union jack fabric bunting decorationUnion Jack Flag

For those of you looking for a 2-in-1 accessory that can either be worn on top of your current costume, or used as a prop or party decoration, then this is it! Stand proud waving your giant flag as you celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee. Wear it as a cape, wrap over, top, dress, skirt, or hang it up indoors or outdoors as a fantastic party decoration.

union jack flag

Party wigs

The next item on our list of Queens Jubilee costume ideas is one for the wild ones out there. Having a bad hair day? Or just fancy adding a something extra to your look? Then these fancy Union Jack Wigs will have others filled with British envy. Choose between a sultry bob or long locks and be a head above the rest at the street party.

womens union jack wigs

Get your afro on

It’s time to bring back the signature hair-do from the 80s and show off to other partygoers what a true British look is! It’s a perfect choice for both men and women that fancy giving the classic afro a new name, as you celebrate the Queens 70th year of reign.

unisex union jack afro wigTattoo me up!

The final accessory idea is ideal for anybody who’s in a bit of a hurry and are looking to make their rather plain outfit look a bit more British. Whilst the Queen doesn’t have any tattoos (at least any we can see) they’re great fun and can change up your look in an instant. So, what are you waiting for? Get sticking!

unisex union jack body tattoo 

We’ve come to the end of our list of Queens Jubilee costume ideas for the celebrations taking place early June. It’s a great excuse to get all your friends and family together for one big party so what are you waiting for? Whether you’re hosting indoors, outdoors, or joining a giant street party, dress up for the occasion and make it one to remember. Occasions like this (and bank holidays off work) don’t come around often!

If you weren’t able to find anything that tickled your fancy on our list, then be sure to check out the rest of our Queens Jubilee costumes here.