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September 07, 2020

Festival Fancy Dress Trending This Season - Fancydress.com

Festival season is fast approaching, and if you’re anything like us, then you’re starting to get super pumped for a weekend of your favourite acts, music, mates, and making memories.  The best way to stand out from the crowd is to pull off a weird and wonderful festival fancy dress costume that’s sure to cause a few laughs.

Whatever the event, be it Bestival, Glastonbury, Download or even Bournemouth 7s, festival costumes are always a must have to get the full experience. We’ve mustered up our top trending festival fancy dress that’s become a viral hit, a comedy skit and some crowd pulling kit to inspire your weekend of antics.

Wave goodbye to the norm of glitter buns, tums and bums, bumbags, bucket hats and Ray-bans, and say hello to the hilarious, a little bit rude, or downright silly top 20 festival outfits we recommend.


1. #RalphtheRex Inflatable Dinosaur

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This particular Inflatable T-Rex Costume has earned himself Internet fame by showing off his skills in just about everything. You can’t scroll through your news feed without a video of old Ralphy popping up somewhere. We hear this particular inflatable dinosaur costume makes one the most perfect festival costumes, as not only is he hilarious, but he’s powered by a fan too, keeping you feeling cool and refreshed in the crowds. We hear he’s a massive lover of pop music too, so show off your best moves – Jurassic style!


2. The Fresh Prince


Get the look of Will Smith in the 1990s with the Freshest 90s Prince Costume for a major #throwback. This unique costume is perfect for festival season and contains all of those fashionable OTT prints that are somewhat nostalgic to everyone. It’s slouchy, comfortable and a lightweight fabric, so you won’t get too sticky in those packed crowds!


3. The President

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Newsflash! Every time Trump has a state visit to the UK, he’s always met with angry protestors; celebrate the orange dude by taking the right mick with this hilarious festival costume. Make festivals great again showing off your new Trumpmeister threads around the main stage, and try not to get into any political feuds!


4. Superheroes

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With Avengers: Endgame becoming one of the hottest box office releases in history, celebrate by dressing up as your fave Marvel hero at your next festival. We hear that Bestival’s 2019 theme is Heroes vs Superheroes, making this the ultimate theme for men and women. New release costumes have hit our store, so become Thanos, Captain Marvel, Iron Man, Thor and the rest of the Avengers, and pay replicate the insta famous shot by Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott!


5. Let’s get Physical


For an option that’s a little rude, this festival costume is downright hilarious. Whether you’re going for an 80s fancy dress theme in general or are attending this year’s Rewind, this hairy ensemble will be sure to grab the attention of onlookers in the crowd. Pair up with mates sporting shell suits, leg warmers, tutus of all the neon colours under the rainbow.


6. The Lord Jesus

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You’re guaranteed to always see at least one Jesus dress up at any festival, so slip into this airy gown and start preaching about which bands are the best. Our Jesus costume is one of the best funny fancy dress costumes around, and looks even better when you hop on someone’s shoulders in the crowds.


7. Mexican Ponchos


Hola Amigo’s! Party like it’s a fiesta at whatever event you’re attending, dressing in a colourful poncho has been a festival fancy dress favourite for decades. Pair up this easy look with a stick on moustache and get ready to slam those tequilas whilst watching your favourite lineup!


8. Astronauts & Aliens

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If you’re looking for an out of this world costume, this is the one for you! Our selection of Alien and Astronaut costumes are sure to have something for everyone – even kids can join in! We’ve got space suits with moon boots, alien attire with eco-friendly glitters, head boppers and even an Ellen Ripley Costume for a unique twist!


9. Star Wars

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For another intergalactic themed festival costume, roll up to the festival dressed as your favourite Star Wars characters. Become an eye-popping sexy Princess Leia complete with space buns, a Stormtrooper in full uniform stomping through the mud, a rather sweaty Darth Vader and even an Inflatable Jabba the Hut! We’ve got Star Wars costumes to fulfil that space fancy dress theme to suit any gender! All officially licensed, of course!


10. Where’s Wally

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Play the one that’s hard to spot but so obvious when found when dressing up in our Where’s Wally costume. Perfect for men and women, become Wally or Wenda and hide amongst the crowds. This illustrated character is a fashion icon in his own right! Show off your stripes and sport your big round glasses and bobble hat – Wally is a true fashionista… right up there with Bowie and Madonna!


11. 80’s Style

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What’s better than a pop of neon at a festival? Dressing up with the vibes of a decade is always a good choice. You’re bound to look bold and ready to party. You’ve got tonnes of costumes to choose from too, with a variety of TV costumes from your fave 1980s shows or even the best chart-topping acts of the era. Shell suits at the ready!


Group Festival Costumes

12. Ghostbusters


Is there something strange in your neighbourhood? Call these Ghostbusters! A festival classic but always on trend, the iconic Ghostbuster is a firm favourite at any fancy dress event. Another good one if you’re planning an 80s theme!


13. Beer Bottles & Pints

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Everyone loves a nice cold one! Why not team up with your buddies to create the ultimate group fancy dress? Beers always come in a pack, so round up all your mates and dress in either the bottle or the pint costumes we stock. Great for both summer music festivals and Oktoberfest.


14. Cool Runnings

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An ever so popular group costume idea that’s making a comeback, transform into the Jamaican Bobsledding team in our unisex Cool Runnings Costumes. This easy costume idea fits a group of four very well, these skin suits are lightweight and perfect for jumping around in festivals – festival fancy dress has never been simpler!


15. Fishfingers & Captain Birdseye

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For one of the most random and unique costumes ever seen, we present to you… Fishfingers and Captain Birdseye! A group costume that has no limits, it’s an ideal festival costume. It’s one size fits all, unisex and will suit anyone. It’s so unique; it’s even been featured on Lad Bible!


16. Baywatch

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Making a comeback from the 90s is Baywatch, except the new movie has swapped out the Hoff and Pam Anderson with younger and hotter models, aka Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson and Zac Efron (delish)! We’ve got a whole host of Baywatch fancy dress perfect for your day at the music festival. Try our Baywatch Tee paired with a lifeguard float, or even show off a bit too much in our Anita Waxing Costume – utter filth but hilarious!


17. Golfers


This is a costume idea that can be just for the ladies or just for the men. We’ve seen it done before in the pub, but why not wear it at the next Rugby 7s? Make it sexy or classic, these costumes feature shorts for the men or little skirts for the ladies with matching tops with the most ugly 70s golfer prints! Pair it off with the visor and add a golf club, then you’re ready to let loose in style!


18. Army Men

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Dressing up as toy army men is always hilarious; this costume is perfect for an attention grabbing group costume at your next festival.  Whether you’re attending a carnival event or a sporting event (or a European Karneval), this one is always a winner!  Dress up every single mate in your friendship group and march around the festival without losing each other.


19. Rick & Morty


Get Riggity, riggity wrecked, son! Everyone at the festival will be loving this hilarious group costume! Dressing as Rick, Morty & Pickle Rick will be an attention grabber as you walk through the crowds of Reading or Download. Create your own cardboard flying car and you’ll be sure to have everyone shouting quotes from the show at you!

20. Crayons

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Rounding off our full list of top trending festival costumes is the iconic Crayons! With a colour to suit everyone, crayons are the perfect festival costume idea for men, women and groups! They’re non specific to any theme and suit every shape. Choose your colour and style, be it a dress or tunic, and colour a rainbow into the festival crowds and mosh pits.


We hope you find something you love in our top trending festival fancy dress picks, whether you’re after something funny, cheeky or an outfit that can involve everyone, we hope to have covered it here. Make sure you dress to impress at your next summer festival, whatever it may be! Life is short, so have fun and have a laugh whilst doing so.

Discover more inspiring costume ideas on the fancydress.com blog!

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