20 Hilariously Funny Costume Ideas

September 07, 2020

20 Hilariously Funny Costume Ideas - Fancydress.com

Are you looking for a costume to beat all other costumes? A costume than leaves a sea of laughing and uproar in its trail? You’ve came to the right place! We’ve assembled 20 funny costume ideas, from amusing characters and objects to outright hilarious and offensive fancy dress. Dress up with your friends or hit the party solo – funny costumes will be welcomed at any occasion (unless you’re going to a wedding)!


Fish Fingers & Chips

A staple meal in the diet of kids around the country, how can anyone not love fish fingers and chips!? The costumes are completely random and great for a couple or group of friends attending a festival.

Donald Trump

He’s the orange leader of the free world and always seems to be getting into trouble. Impersonate the standing US president and ‘Make America Great Again’ with this authentic blue suit Donald Trump costume, complete with the iconic red baseball cap. Slap on some orange make-up, put your wig on and you’ll be virtually identical to good ol’ Donald.

North Korean Dictator

Another world president that needs no introduction is the North Korean supreme leader, Kim Jong Un. He’s notorious for his threats and causing drama on the world stage, yet he has somewhat of an endearing and funny appearance. Go all-out Korean dictator with this Kim Jong Un costume and accompany President Trump dressed as the best bro’s in town.


Roller Coaster

Completely random and a costume no-one else will think of is this fun Rollercoaster outfit. Strap yourself in and be in for a wild ride, swaying your knees back and forth to give the impression you’re on the park’s biggest ride! It’s a silly, but hilarious costume idea that’s great for a group.


Inflatable T-Rex

Give out a loud RAWRRR and terrorise the party! Giant inflatable dinosaur costumes are in trend as one of the most hilarious fancy dress ideas. Waddle around with your little T-rex arms and cause plenty of laughs. The idea is popular for music festivals and nights out, but can also be used for stag parties, Halloween and any other reason you have to unleash your roar! 


Free Willie

A little rude but a super-easy costume that’s sure to capture the giggles is this quirky pair of undies with a killer whale emerging from the centrepiece. An earthworm may be more appropriately sized but nothing can beat the might of the killer whale! A fun bad-taste costume that takes wordplay from the Free Willy movie.


Giant Boob

Is your friend a massive t**? Dress them up in a giant boob costume to make them feel an idiot at the party or on a Stag-do. Big boobie costumes come in a variety of shapes and styles to perfectly suit your buddy. And it doesn’t have to be all about embarrassment. Rep a big boob costume to support a charity event or for a half marathon.


A Giant Poo

When life gives you s***, dress up as a giant poo and embrace it! Or; dress a friend up as a big poo to get payback or make them stand out in a crowd for their hen or stag party. Poo costumes are disgusting yet satisfying and will get plenty of laughs and attention. They’re easy to wear too!



Colourful crayons are the go-to funny costume ideas for groups! They’re available for both men and women and in shapes and sizes to suit all. Blend in at a 90’s disco and relive your childhood of colouring in with Crayola crayons, get your girls together in hilarious yet sexy crayon dresses for a night out, or head out on Halloween as a solo colouring utensil.



Accompany your ‘poo attire’ friend as the solution to his or her problem – a big roll of toilet paper! A loo-roll costume is just as funny as the poo, making an excellent couples funny costume idea for when you really want to push it to the limits and aren’t afraid of being embarrassed.


Vicky Pollard

Vicky Pollard is one of the infamous characters played by Matt Lucas in the Little Britain TV show, which has now reached legendary status in the UK! Say ‘no but, yeah but, no but’ in your best West-Country accent and impersonate everyone’s favourite chav.


Daffyd Thomas

Another Little Britain character that brings the chuckles is Daffyd Thomas, a colourful Welshman that claims to be the ‘only gay in the village’. His outfits are fantastically raucous and racy but will you be bold enough to wear one? Dress as Daffyd and let hilarity ensue. It makes a cool couples costume to go alongside Vicky Pollard. 


KFC Colonel

A costume based on world-recognised face of the Kentucky Fried Chicken Colonel Sanders is destined to go down a treat! Rock up to the party with a bucket of KFC chicken or with your friends dressed up in chicken outfits to complete the finger lickin’ look of this iconic old man!


Jamaican Bobsleigh Team

Cool Runnings was a hit 90’s movie that has become a childhood classic for Millennials and now you can team up with your mates to compete at the Winter Olympics (or an Après ski party!). Suit up in a black, green and yellow bobsleigh suit; and if you’re really going all out, create your own cardboard bobsleigh.


Big Baby

Strangely creepy but funny at the same time, these big baby costumes for adults are sure to freak everyone out and totally confuse party guests. Roll onto the dance floor and show the DJ those baby dance moves or bob around the music festival with your dummy. It’s silly, random and we love it!


The Nudist Couple

Fancy letting it all hang loose and causing some wide eyes at the party? This pair of nudist costumes are the way to go for the comedic couple out there. Unleash your exhibitionist tendencies without having to bare your own flesh and cause a trail of laughter behind you. They’re rude, nude and sure to get you sued.


Alan from The Hangover

Do you have a friend like The Hangover’s Alan that always seems to get you into trouble? Dress him up to suit. It’s ideal for a Stag-do or a big night on the town. It’s not embarrassing either! He wears the trademark shades with a baby pouch and shaggy hair. Just keep him away from your drinks!


Giant Pigeon

Don’t you hate it when you go to the beach and get terrorised by a pigeon for your chips? Get your revenge and infiltrate the pigeon world by dressing as a giant version of this pesky bird. Run around flapping your arms and causing chaos. You’ll be loved and hated at the same time.


Inflatable Penis

With this costume, you’ll either offend or entertain everyone in your path, but are you brave enough to wear it? Inflatable penis costumes come in bold, towering shapes and colours so you can rock member of your choice and go wild!  


Group of Traffic Cones

This one is great for large groups looking to cause trouble! Whether it’s a stag do or festival you’re attending, create your very own Toy Story moment and cause havoc on your night out! Everyone knows that the best and most hilarious nights out end up with a traffic cone coming home with you!



For more inspiration on funny fancy dress costumes for adults, check out our full range in our shop area here. They’re great for parties, nights out, stag and hen do’s and any other reason to impress your mates! If you’re after more funny costumes, check out our Stag & Hen do blog posts.