Viking Warrior

Viking Warrior Costume



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Bring that longboat into dock at the party and stride through the door with all the confidence and natural bred power of a seaborne Viking when you wear the Viking Warrior Costume! Mark your territory by getting into character as a noble savage and show off those Viking Age moves on the dance floor!


Chest: Up To 42"
Waist: Up To 34"


Colour: Brown, Grey

Included: Tunic, Vest, Belt, Sash, Glovelets, Leg Ties, Helmet

Complete the Outfit

  • If you want that fisherman bushy beard look and don't want to go through the hassle or discomfort of growing your own facial hair, reap all the benefits with this very manly Brown Nautical Beard! Now get navigating that boat, Captain!

    Materials: Polyester

    Colour: Red

    Included: Beard Set