V for Vendetta Wig

V for Vendetta Wig



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If you're going for darker and deeper meaning this Halloween and fancy throwing yourself into a dystopian society and becoming a secretive freedom fighter then get yourself the mysterious, intriguing and yet iconic Vendetta Wig! Match it with the costume, hat and mask and start plotting...

The matching hat, mask and costume are also available.


Materials: Polyester

Licence: Warner Brothers

Colour: Black

Included: Wig

Complete the Outfit

  • Want to come as a famous, iconic and anarchist freedom fighter? Want to even go to a fancy dress party with a mask which is so easily recognisable people will know you mean business? Rise against the totalitarianism regime and make history tonight with the rebelliously cool V for Vendetta Mask!

    Materials: Plastic

    Licence: Warner Brothers

    Colour: White

    Included: Mask